Student Clubs

Student Clubs
Times and Locations

Club Meeting Day/ Time Meeting Location Advisor
Anime Club M,W,F/ Lunch A203 Mr. Smith
ASSETs M-F/ After School C3 Ms. Belko
Black Student Union (BSU) TBD D2 Ms. Sims
California Scholarship Federation  THUR/Lunch C3 Ms. Drysdale
Chinese Club Every other THUR/ Lunch A208 Ms. Mo
Civic Life Academy TUES/ After School S2A Mr. Lynch
Cooking Club THUR/ Lunch D9 Ms. Bruno
Encore Club FRI/ After School M1 Ms. Calvert
French Club TUES/ Lunch A211 Mrs. Caditz
Friday Night Live FRI/ Lunch B221 Mrs. McAllister
Game Club WED/ Lunch E6 Ms. Jackson
Gay Straight Alliance TUES/ Lunch D3 Mr. Seibert
Hiking Club TBD X110 Mr. Rodriguez
Hmong Club THUR/ Lunch C9 Mr. Lor
Key Club WED/ Lunch C8 Ms. Saeteurn
Korean Club Every other MON/ Lunch C8 Ms. Saeteurn
Mathletes FRI/ Lunch C4 Mrs. Matsumoto
Mexican American Youth Association THUR/ Lunch D1 Mr. Diaz
Mien Club THUR/ Lunch C13 Mr. Saetern
Motivation-Health-Fitness FRI/ Lunch Main Gym Mr. Latino
National Honors Society TUES/ Lunch B221 Mrs. Allister
Physics Club WED/ Lunch F5 Ms. Moran
Spanish Cali Club FRI/ Lunch A212 Mrs. Seuthe
The Daily Blend M-F/ Lunch D8 Ms. Gira