School Nurse

School Nurse

The school nurse supports students well-being so they are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. 

Abby Serin, BSN, RN 

School Nurse

Health office is open 8:15-2:45 pm

Hiram Johnson High School – Room F1

916-395-5070  extension 505124 
916-598-7208 cell 
916-668-6343 fax


Parents, contact the school nurse if:

  • teachers and staff need to know how to help your child in case of a health emergency related to a condition they have – for conditions such as seizures, diabetes, severe asthma, allergy, etc.
  • your child needs assistance or accommodations at school for a health problem that limits their ability to participate fully in the school program such as diabetes, severe migraine, GI problems, allergies, etc.
  • your child needs to take medication during the school day
  • your child will be absent for a long period of time due to surgery, illness or other health issue.

Students, see the school nurse if:

  •  you are feeling sick.
  •  you are injured.
  •  you have a health issue that is making it hard to be in school.
  •  you need to bring or take medication at school.
  •  you need glasses.
  •  you have questions about your health or body.
  •  you have questions about STI’s or birth control.
  •  you need help getting healthcare or a doctor.