About Hiram Johnson High School


Covering 48 acres, Hiram W. Johnson High School is located in the eastern portion of the City of Sacramento and is one of six comprehensive high schools within the Sacramento City Unified School District. Established in the fall of 1958, the school was named for the 23rd Governor of the Great State of California.

Our Mission


Mission Statement

The Hiram Johnson staff and community are dedicated to the educational needs of individual students by providing every student a rigorous experience resulting in prosperous outcomes. 

Our goal is to work collaboratively with our staff, students, parents and community to continue the work in progress that will make Hiram Johnson an educational institution of excellence where every child succeeds. 

Vision Statement

Hiram Johnson High School provides all students a safe and nurturing environment from which:

Student Learning Outcomes



Problem Solvers and Critical Thinkers: All students will apply their knowledge, skills and experience to solve problems that arise in everyday life. They will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as responsible behaviors in personal, school and community contexts.