Our Mission


Mission Statement

The Hiram Johnson staff and community are dedicated to the educational needs of individual students by providing every student a rigorous experience resulting in prosperous outcomes. 

Our goal is to work collaboratively with our staff, students, parents and community to continue the work in progress that will make Hiram Johnson an educational institution of excellence where every child succeeds. 

Vision Statement

Hiram Johnson High School provides all students a safe and nurturing environment from which:

  • to gain the skills and experience necessary to become critical and creative thinkers and learners;
  • While guiding students to embrace concepts relating to equity in our global and multicultural society;
  • Preparing them to make ethical decisions

Hiram Johnson High School cultivates academic excellence:

  • Delivering access to evaluate digital information
  • Maintaining an inclusive collaboration with families and the community
  • Encouraging comprehensive communication
  • Graduating students prepared for post-secondary and career opportunities